Swanage Training 2

16th Mar 2024 - 17th Mar

Swanage -Spyway car park 10am Sat
Contact for questions or booking changes: meets@wessexmc.org.uk

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Please use the comments to share transport details and mention anything about your objectives, expectations or levels of experience you think people should know. There will be emails and a WhatsApp link sent to those who are booked about a week before the meet for more detailed organisation.

Scope of the training will depend on what people ask for. Past sessions have included: Placing trad gear, building anchors, sport leading and threading a sport anchor, trad leading, belaying a leader, bringing up a second, abseiling, prussiking up a rope, hauling and some rescue techniques. Members are recommended to look at the links and videos on the Skills Training and Equipment Use page.

It's usual to meet in one of 3 carparks at about 10am on the Saturday.

Durlston Country Park BH19 2JL for Subluminal, Boulder Ruckle and Cattle Troughs

Spyway Carpark BH19 3HG for Guillemot, Dancing Ledge and Hedbury.

Worth Matravers Carpark BH19 3LE for Seacombe and Winspit .

Most people commute each day. Some with further to travel may camp locally.


Saturday heading for Hedbury