Equipment Needed

The equipment you need will depend on the type of activity, the time of year and also where you are staying.

The Club has some ice axes and crampons available for members to borrow whilst they are trying new activities for the first time, but in general you should expect to buy all the equipment you need.


The weather can change rapidly and so warm and waterproof clothing is always recommended when in the mountains. In winter, an ice axe and crampons will often be required.

Summer Climbing

You will need as a minimum a harness, climbing shoes and helmet. This is sufficient for seconding on a first climbing trip.  However, if you like climbing enough to come to more meets,  you should plan to buy your own ropes and other gear soon. This will give you the independence to choose your own climbing goals and will show others you are committed to the sport. 


When there is snow and ice about, you will need one axe and crampons for walking/mountaineering and two axes for more technical climbing. Boots must be compatible with the crampons you have. With so many options, it’s best to ask for advice.

Weekend Meets

Weekend meets will either be camping or staying in accommodation such as bunk houses.

For bunk houses you usually just need a sleeping bag. Note that at our hut in North Wales the bunk room is not heated.

Camping obviously requires a tent and we will also often cook in the campsite so a stove and cooking utensils etc would be useful (although nearby pubs often prove tempting).

A checklist covering most useful items can be found here.