Hut Maintenance

Most of the work needed on the hut is done by members. The main exception being gas work which requires a qualified person.

This enables the price to stay at the hut to be kept low, it is also fun, and helps promote a sense of ownership by club members.

Working Weekends

Much of the work is done at two ‘working weekends’ each year in the spring and autumn (see the meet list for dates).  These are sociable weekends, with a meal on Saturday night.

The regular tasks include stocking up with gas and fire wood, but there are always other maintenance or improvements to be done.

Ad-Hoc Support

If you are a hut user, but can’t make the working weekends you can still help. There are always smaller tasks you can do to help whether you have a spare hour, or a wet day to fill.

Current tasks include:

  • Moving wood already cut stacked up in the woods around the hut to the Lower wood store (not the one you are taking dry wood from !)
  • Painting the walls in the toilet block
  • Clean the windows
  • Clearing the junk out of the tool shed
  • Organising the tool shed so it looks like a Formula One garage with tools hung up and silhouettes painted on the wall to encourage people to replace the tools.
  • Fix the toilet window with glass rather than wood
  • Clear all the metal junk and Kingspan from next to the tool shed and generator room
  • Paint the dining area
  • Paint the drying room rack bright red
  • Varnish the ceiling in the toilet block

However there are always small tasks to be done as well so it’s best to contact Jodi the Hut Sectary by email to check what you can do to help.