Seedy's 50th

Seedy’s 50th (by Jack Crewe and Chris Bristow)

On Saturday 14th February, over 20 friends of Chris Bristow assembled in Broadmayne to take part in a 10 mile walk, led by Bob Mott to commemorate 50 years of his active membership of the Wessex Mountaineering Club.

At lunchtime, there was a reunion of members and past members. The president of the British Mountaineering Council, Scott Titt presented Chris  with a superb commemorative painting by fellow member, Roy Fisher. A surprise ensued when Jack Crewe, the organiser of the event  (who had previously achieved  50 years) was also presented with a painting.
Chris was also given a gift voucher by Club Treasurer Chris Cumming.
Others attending were  Sheila Bristow,  Liz Mott,   Rosemary and Graham Cooper, Janice and Ron Viveash, Mark Sainsbury, Derrick Davies, Madeleine and Graham Hemsley, Alan James, Graham Collins and son, Hilary  Crewe, Marilyn and Mike  Giddens, Pam Jolliffe, Pete Sedgwick, Robert Reed, Scott Titt, Les Nuttall, Robert Read, Jean Brown, Tony Wadham, Dave Mackenzie, Nick Sheriff, Sue and Roy Fisher, Caroline Lyness and her husband. This made a total of 33.

And a few words from the man himself:

I feel I must broadcast my appreciation to everyone involved in the walk on Saturday 14th. It was very pleasant and well attended, more down to Jack’s powers of persuasion than my nominated presence.
Much to my embarrassment I was presented with gifts, but who could resent a Roy Fisher Masterpiece, a chocolate karabiner from Tony or a Ron Viveash installation? (This last was a gilded Karabiner mounted on Cumbrian rock – in a much better state than any of my gear, but I haven’t managed to prise it off.)  The speeches and poem by Chris Cumming were sufficiently insulting to be undeniably tolerable.
My thanks in particular to Jack, who seems most to blame and is much more deserving of celebration after more years of membership of the club, much of it in service as treasurer. It was he who persuaded me to join. I was very pleased that his co-conspirators presented him with a gift too.
Thanks too to Bob Mott for publishing the photographs and leading the walk. I don’t know if he or Jack should take credit for the fine weather and mud.
It was most gratifying to see so many old friends, many still members. Some I see regularly on walks and ancient cronies’ gatherings (the real climbers of course were away in Scotland, except the illustrious Scott Titt). But some of you will remeber Mark Sainsbury, Graham Collins, Graham and Madeline Hemsley, Derek Davies, Pam Jolliffe, Pete Sedgewick, and Alan James.

It’s a good thing I renewed my membership the day before…
Chris (Seedy) Bristow.

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