Hut Bookings List

Below is a list of future bookings for the hut. They will show as ‘confirmed’ once payment has been made.

Start DateNightsNameMembersNon MembersConfirmed
11 Feb 20188W M C Winter Work Week60Yes
25 Feb 20182Jackney Middleton02No
03 Mar 20186Dave Sinclair110Yes
09 Mar 20182Jodi180No
16 Mar 20182Jackney Middleton05No
08 Apr 20185WMC work180Yes
13 Apr 20183WMC Working w/e180Yes
16 Apr 20184WMC work180Yes
27 Apr 20182jeremy splude010Yes
27 Apr 20182jeremy splude08Yes
04 May 20183Rupert Butcher117No
11 May 20182Alistair Palmer117No
31 May 20183Lee Verrall117Yes
15 Jun 20182Sam White24No
29 Jun 20182Wessex M C180No
07 Oct 20185WMC Working180No
12 Oct 20182WMC Working Weekend180No
14 Oct 20184WMC Working180No
23 Nov 20182Wessex M C180No
21 Dec 201812Wessex M C180No

Note when booked for a Wessex MC meet, book on the meet if you want to stay there.