Hut Bookings List

Below is a list of future bookings for the hut. They will show as ‘confirmed’ once payment has been made.

Start DateNightsNameMembersNon MembersConfirmed
05 Apr 20193Niall Grimes05No
07 Apr 20192Wessex M C120Yes
09 Apr 20193Wessex M C180Yes
12 Apr 20192WMC Working180Yes
14 Apr 20193Wessex M C180Yes
19 Apr 20191Nia Mon09Yes
03 May 20193Rupert Butcher216Yes
24 May 20192Siobhan Doherty07Yes
14 Jun 20192Wessex M C180Yes
28 Jun 20192Mike Salter018Yes
09 Aug 20192Wessex M C180Yes
26 Dec 20197Wessex M C180Yes

Note when booked for a Wessex MC meet, book on the meet if you want to stay there.