1961 to 1965

In the early 1960, to most young adults who were born during the Second Word War, a visit to North Wales would be an annual holiday and not just a fleeting weekend visit. A visit to the Alps would be out of the question. However, on 29th January 1961, 35 people met for the first club walk and the club was officially formed on 16th February.

A qualified Alpine guide, Walter Watson became its first president and Mark Hogg, the person to whom we were most indebted, became its secretary. By the end of 1961, a full programme of meets was in operation. Our motorway system was not fully operational and a drive to the Lake District could take up to ten hours. Rock climbing meets were exploratory and the only guide to most of the Cornish climbs could be found on the walls of a local pub! Nailed boots were on their way out and hemp climbing ropes were still being used.

The huts in North Wales were rather primitive and camp sites tended not to have many facilities. We explored the Cornish Cliffs, the Dewerstone and Stanage Edge for the first time.

In 1965 two members were the first of many in our club, to complete the Snowdon 3000 peaks challenge. Our Cornish Whitsun meet was always a great attraction with members bringing their young families to enjoy not only the climbing but the wonderful beaches too! This also led to a number of marriages between members!

Of our current membership only Chris Bristow and myself can recall those days.

Jack Crewe

1960 Switzerland  Monte Rosa, Sheila Stedmond.JPG1961 Anthea Tompkins.jpg1961 Bob Picknett.jpg1961 Geoff Sugars on Freda.jpg1961 Hugh Nelson Second Corner.jpg1961 Hugh Nelson.jpg1961 John Butt on Caer Caradoc.jpgWFW (destination unknown).jpgWFW Climbing kit (2).jpg1961 Mark Hogg on Birds Nest.jpg1961 Bob Picknett.jpg1961 Mark Hogg on Flying Buttress.jpg1961 Mark Hogg on Freda.jpg1961 North Wales group at Bryn Tyrch Hotel.jpg1961 Paul Wallace.jpg1961 Peter Mercer.jpg1961 Sheila Stedmond.jpg1961 Tilly Whim Caves.jpg1961 Tryfan Sheila Stedmond.JPG1961 Tryfan, Hugh Nelson.JPG1961 WMC Dinner Nigel and Jenny Thompson Dick Pattle Peter Morris.jpg1961.12.17  Ringstead.JPG1962 Alan Buswell.jpg1962 Hugh Nelson who died in accident at Lulworth Mar 1963.jpg1962.03 Mike Cooper.JPG1962.05.26 Carneddau Geoff Bath, Sheila Stedmond,Peter Mercer, Gordon Maidment, Peter Morris.jpg1962.06 Cornwall, Hugh Nelson left.jpg1962.06 Haymaking at Bosigran (2).JPG1962.08, Pyrenees,  Mont Perdu, Sam Collett, Sue Tuke, Hugh Nelson, Anthea Tomkins.jpg1963  Idwal Slabs.JPG1963 Nigel Thompson and Anthea.JPG1963 Swanage.jpg1963.02 Anthea and Hugh.JPG1963.02 Glyders Margaret Woolcock - Copy.JPG1963.02 Margaret Woolcock.JPG1963.02 N Wales Anthea Tompkins and Hugh Nelson.JPG1963.02.24 Llyn Llydaw Margaret, Mike, Peter, Sue, Margaret, Sheil, Owen.jpg1963 04 Snowdon Ranger MCJCMWEC-TGAHMHSCMENTATJT (2).jpg1963.02.24 Snowdon Sheila Stedmond and Margaret Embling.jpg1963.04  Swanage, Subluminal .Jack Crewe on Birds Nest.jpg1963.07 Dancing Ledge, Bob and Iain Stenhouse,  and Alan Green.jpg1963.07 Swanage Cattle Troughs.JPG1963.07 Swanage, Tilly Whim, Sentry Box,  Eric Corran.JPG1963.07 Swanage, Walter Watson above Paul Wallace (2).JPG1963.07 Swanage, Walter Watson above Paul Wallace.JPG1964  Peter and Sue Morris,Alan and Anthea, Gerry Brown.jpg1964 Bosigran Farm Margaret Embling.jpg1964 Bosigran Porthmoina Island.jpg1964 Chair Ladder Cornwall.jpg1964 Chair Ladder.jpg1964 Cornish cliffs.jpg1964 Cornwall, Geoff Bath.jpg1964 Derek Marples.jpg1964 Dewerstone, Gerry Brown, Margaret Embling, Alan Foulds.jpg1964 Hardy Monument Dorset.jpg1964 Hardy Monument.jpg1964 Idwal Slabs.jpg1964 Idwal, Margaret Embling and Owen Roberts.jpg1964 Maiden Castle, Alan, Anthea, Eric in foreground and to rear, Andy and Sylvia Hopkinson.jpg1964 Moel Hebog Margaret.jpg1964 Moel Hebog,Margaret Embing and Gerry Brown.jpg1964 Owen and Celia Roberts.JPG1964 Rendezvous Manque Swanage now banned to climbers.jpg1964. Lundy, Hugh Evans.JPG1964.02 N Wales (3).JPG1964.02.09 Tilly Whim Rendezvous Manque Climber J Crewe.jpg1964.03 Lake District (2).JPG1964.03 Lake District.JPG1964.05 Anthea at Sennen.JPG1964.05 Bosigran.jpg1964.05 Chair ladder, Ash Can Gully.jpg1964.05 Cornwall Sheila George.JPG1964.05 Cornwall, Margaret Embling.JPG1964.05 Cornwall.JPG1964.05 Pat Wilkinson.JPG1964.05 Sennen Tony George.JPG1964.05 Sennen, Tony George.JPG1964.05 Sheila, Margaret Embling,Geoff Bath,Pat Wilkinson, Gerry Brown,Alan and Anthea Evans.JPG1964.05.16 Sennen, Sheila George and Margaret Embling watching Gerry Brown and Tony George.jpg1964.06.14 Robin Hoods Staircase Stanage.JPG1964.06.14 Stanage Anthea and Alan.JPG1964.07.11 Moel Hebog , Gerry Brown and Margaret Embling.jpg1964.08 Porthgwarra Tea Party.JPG1964.10.03 Widecombe,Gerry Brown,Pat Wilkinson, Anthea Evans, Tony George, Andy Hopkinson.jpg1964.10.03 Widecombe,Alan Foulds, Tony George,Sheila George,Kay Trowbridge,Gerry Brown,Dave Harris,Pat Brown, Anthea Evans,Jack Crewe.jpg1964.10.04  Dave Harris.jpg1964.10.04 Alan Foulds Hay Tor.jpg1964.10.04 Alan Green at Hay Tor.jpg1964.10.04 Dewerstone,Alan Evans, Gerry Brown,Tony George, Sheila George.jpg1964.12.26   Alan Green on Arch Climb Swanage.JPG1965 Chris Bristow.bmp1965 Eric Corran and Margaret Embling.jpg1965.05.16 Gower, Jack Crewe on Little Tor.jpg1965.07 Lundy Alan Green David Birtwistle Alan Foulds.jpg1965.07 Lundy Devils Slide Alan Green.jpg1965.07 Mark Hogg Gladstone Rock.JPG1965.08 Alan Foulds Gower.bmp1965.08 Andy Hopkinson Gower.jpg1965.08 Eric Corran and Tony George Gower.bmp1965.08 Gower Andy Hopkinson.bmp1965.08 Three Cliff Bay Gower.jpg1965.08 Tony George Gower.jpg1965.08 Tony George Scout Crack Gower.bmp1965.09.12 Birds Nest Subluminal Jack Crewe.jpg